Mar 18

Part 1 – Painting Contractors – Tips for Choosing the Right Company

Five Tips to Consider When Hiring a Painting Contractor

Choosing a professional painting contractor can be a difficult task.  Most people spend more time choosing a color paint than they do considering the company they are going to hire to apply it.  The highest quality paint will not make up for poor workmanship.  Having your home or office professionally painted can be a large expense and doing your homework before hiring a company will ensure a good outcome.

1)     Check that the contractor is properly licensed and verify this information with your local county office.  Properly licensed companies must meet criteria of standard business practices and knowledge.  Does the company have proper insurance coverage?  Without insurance coverage you can be sued or your homeowner’s insurance may have to cover costs.

2)   Does he offer a written warranty on his work?  What will it cover?  How long has the company been in business in your area?  Ask for references to call or photos to view.

3)   Be wary of the contractor who asks for money up front.  A reliable painting contractor will not ask to be paid till the job is completed to your satisfaction.

4)   A professional painting contractor should be able to survey the job and quickly tell you what repair work, if any, needs to be done along with painting.  Don’t let someone just paint over surface problems you know need attention and correction.  While this may cost a bit more, ignoring these things could cost thousands in potential repairs in the future.

5)    Get an estimate in writing.  An estimate should include not only the price but approximately how long the job will take, prep done by the contractor and any prep that needs to be done by the homeowner, plus the products used.  Without something in writing it is easy for either party to forget what was said or assume something other than what was agreed upon.  A written estimate will eliminate the “he said”, “she said” scenario which often leads to trouble at the end of a job.

In Summary:

If you are getting multiple bids from painting companies don’t just choose one based on cost alone.  Consider the above points and also what those costs are for.  Often one company may charge more but you are getting more prep and repair work plus higher quality paint products used.

Next Month: Part 2 – Five Tips for Finding a Professional Painting Contractor

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I am the owner of Quality Assurance Painting, Inc., located in Lake County Florida, which I started in 2005. I am an experienced professional painter and coatings specialist. I do both residential and commercial work for myself and as a subcontractor to general contractors. We strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by providing 100% customer satisfaction in both workmanship and customer service. My knowlege in the industry continues to grow by reading about new products and techniques and participating in seminars and webinars. We specialize in interior and exterior repaints for both residential and commercial properties plus waterproofing techniques. We are an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau and members of the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America).

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  1. Janet J. Watt

    That is so true, most people think more of the paint color to use than choosing a reliable painting contractor and i must admit, i’m one of them. Great post. Thanks for the tips.

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