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Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Office

Increase employee productivity, creativity, and office morale by choosing the right paint colors for your home or commercial office.



If you have been thinking of repainting your office this might be the perfect time!  For many businesses summer is a slow time of year with less customer traffic and fewer employees in the office due to summer vacations, making this the perfect time to call in professional painting contractors to create the office environment you want.  Just as a homeowner enjoys a freshly painted environment, so will your employees!

The idea that colors affect mood and behavior has been around for a while (color psychology).  Color creates a powerful emotional stimulus and your color choice can stimulate, energize, inspire, calm, soothe, or focus your employees.   Although color is subjective, studies have found that colors evoke similar responses in most people.

The type of business you are in and the environment you wish to create will be a determining factor in the color you choose.  But have you ever considered which colors increase concentration, productivity, and creativity for your employees?  Have you also considered which colors create the business environment you choose to set for your industry type?

The best colors and tones suggested from research.

Bright saturated colors: An advertising agency may do best with bright saturated colors that are thought to increase energy and creativity.

Muted, nature inspired colors: While doctors offices may choose nature inspired colors thought to calm, soothe and relax like muted shades of green, blue, brown and beige.

The most cheerful color: Looking to add a bit of cheer?  Yellow is thought to energize and create a happy, optimistic atmosphere.

Cleanliness and purity:  Want to instill a feeling of cleanliness like in a hospital or school cafeteria…use white.

Luxury and elegance: Are you in the luxury business or high fashion?  You might want to choose a black and white palette which is considered elegant and distinctive.

Increase productivity and confidence with blue.  Blue is the number one favorite color among both men and women and suggests loyalty (that’s why it makes a great logo color…like ours!).  Did you know that studies have revealed that busy offices are more productive and workers more confident when the walls are painted blue, read more here.

Some final thoughts.

If you’re considering an office repaint, don’t just choose your favorite color or the trending “color of the year”, consider the business environment you wish to create and the colors that might just increase morale, productivity and creativity among your employees.

Looking to repaint your home office or commercial office building?  Hiring qualified, professional painting contractors will make the job go quickly with little upset to your daily office routine.  If you live in Lake County Florida or surrounding areas call us at (352) 702-5119 for a Free, no obligation quote.  Visit our website for more information: www.qualityassurancepaintinginc.com

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Leave your comments to these questions in the comments section below.

1)     What color is your office and how does it affect your productivity and mood?

2)     If you could repaint it, which color would you choose and why?

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About the author

Tim Grubbs

I am the owner of Quality Assurance Painting, Inc., serving Lake County Florida and surrounding areas since 2005. I am an experienced professional painter and coatings specialist. I do both residential and commercial work for myself and as a subcontractor to general contractors. We strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by providing 100% customer satisfaction in both workmanship and customer service. My knowledge in the industry continues to grow by reading about new products and techniques and participating in seminars and webinars. We specialize in interior and exterior repaints for both residential and commercial properties, plus waterproofing techniques. We are an A rated members of the Better Business Bureau and 2013 PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) members. We provide free estimates to our customers and are fully insured and licensed.


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  1. Painting WPB

    Nice read. I like how you went into the subject of color theory. Especially for an office environment. I’ve also read studies where breaking up the color can help too. Depending on your needs. For example, in an office with three similar size walls and cutouts, the fourth wall being the door and maybe windows, you could paint a darker tone of the same color. Give contrast shifts moods by using similar color theory.

  2. Painting My Office

    Great post! Been reading a lot about painting my office. Thanks for the info here!

  3. qualityassurancepaintinginc

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. qualityassurancepaintinginc

    Thanks for commenting Chris. What color are you going to repaint your office?

  5. rcpainting

    I’ve got a purple wall in my office that bugs me! I need to repaint! Thanks!

  6. EasyPaint (@easypaint)

    Nice article Tim! It’s hard for a lot of people to actually help with color selection, but you’ve done a nice job here.

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